PhotoShooting at Meteora

Meteora is an ideal place for landscape photoshooting..!!!


The unique beauty of the landscape combined with the wellknown greek sunlight, will give you the chance to return home with some very special landscape pictures.



An endless color palette


Late in the afternoon, or moments before sunset, or even during the day under a big blue sky, either clear or cloudy, you will learn about the little secrets that will enable you to make amazing shots using your own equipment.



Star shooting in a night scene


Sometimes the camera gets more than the eye can see. This rule finds application especially in night shooting. In the evening, under a clear sky, with all the stars shining brightly, you will learn how to create some state of the art exposures.



Learnig about timelapse technique

Meteora Timelapse 1

Meteora Timelapse 2


You will be able to capture the orbit of the stars during the night, or the movement of the clouds during the day, by learning the basics of timelapse technique.


All this and much more, if you join me at the next photoseminar at Meteora.

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written by

Michalis Magnisalis, Photographer & Film Director

Photos by Semitsoglou Ioannis © 2018


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